Tom's Lapidary

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Tom enjoys working with his hands – he has made many timber pieces of art which he has sold. Others cover the walls of his home. Another hobby Tom also enjoys is working with stones and gems – known as Lapidary.

Tom shares his story

I started my Hobby at the age of 22 – 60 years ago. Originally, I was going to support my father on his field trips as his mobility was declining and we were concerned that he wouldn’t come home one day.

I would carry his bags which were very heavy by the end of each day. Soon too, I was hooked. I enjoyed these outings as much as my father did. Together we would work the stones. I studied Lapidary in Monto, reading every book I could find.

We were the founding members of Monto’s Gem Club. I was the secretary for 20 years. I enjoyed this role and travelled to many other areas and clubs sharing my knowledge. I was also a committee member of the Queensland Gem Club.

I recently went to Glenlee to teach Faceting to adults and children during the school holidays. Nature works it magic over many years to change the structure of each piece.

Collectors Unite

We are lucky enough to have 2 staff members whose parents also enjoyed collecting Stones and Gems. Di and Kym bought in some of their collection to share with us. Di recalls enjoying watching her father use dynamite to ‘blow up’ the mountain at Thunderbird Park in the 1960’s. Kym enjoyed seeing the result gems made into jewellery. Thank you to Tom, Di and Kym for sharing this with us.

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