Pioneer Spirit By Glenda Gabrielle

Visually but trees unfailingly turn the keys,

in the doors of precious knowledge and leave open wide,

for you to receive within and hold, faith and humanity to abide.

Our heritage the inland where the fresh waters flow,

our genera endeavours to live forever.

‘Tis sad – the naturalists only to know.

By sharing our culture, believing in ‘The Eternal Site’,

caring for and needing each other, as the day becomes night.

Being not flamboyant, nor ask for fame,

grow peacefully by the riverside, patiently on the plain.

For here the goannas are casually crawling,

wild pigs squeal in the night,

curlews eerily calling, “Our camp until light”.

Between our bark clad branches, the koalas are nestling in.

Old man ‘roo now drumming – adding to this bushland din.

Yes! There are colourful moments,

as the crimson wing arrives with the dew,

to feed upon the blossoms from our branches,

thus befriending us too.

Native bees and caterpillars reflect a brilliant hue,

now buzz and crawl amongst us and create their lives anew.

Ah yes! We are a casual lot and appealingly take a natural stand,

showing true individuality, in our river band.

Foreknowing – who with and where to send,

by shedding our seeds to the river,

who takes them beyond the bend.

Trusting she’ll carry them safely, we leave it entirely in her hands.

‘Twill place them amongst her earthy banks

and within her shining sands.

Our unity no burden, begrudge not our helping way,

by beautifying God’s own country Australia as known to us today.

Our message will infiltrate, faithful patterns shall caress this land.

Now ‘tis time to tell our secret,

‘Twas the Pioneer Spirit our inner helping hand.

© 1995 Glenda Gabrielle

A note from Glenda:

First and foremost, I must express my deep love and affinity for nature, noticing how trees grow harmoniously along the river banks, giving food, shade and shelter for the birds and other animals. Animals and plants working together in unity with colourful moments and befriending all to keep us safe and create new life. Nature is very similar to raising a family. ‘Pioneer Spirit’ is my life story. We can all learn much from nature, especially how it unifies a family and makes the world a better place.

My family and I have been influenced by the ‘Pioneer Spirit’ whilst travelling throughout Australia and overseas and helping each other to achieve our goals in life. I have three children; Joseph, Christyne and Cidnii. I have encouraged my family to explore and initiate new and creative ideas to live positive lifestyles.

L-R: Joseph, Christyne and Cidnii with Glenda (front).

To light up the world with electricity through power stations, my son used his innovative engineering qualifications especially in some of the poorer places in the world. With my daughter in-law Lynne and their three children, they started this interesting journey in China. Christyne has pioneered her way taking the Australian culture to share with Americans by establishing her own business in California selling Australian products. Cidnii with her teaching methods has laid the groundwork for thousands of our future children to explore their ’inner helping hand’ to shape a creative and innovative Australia.

Glenda's granddaughter, Georgia.

LiveBetter, my friends, my children and their families through their ‘helping hands’, have provided support and services that have allowed me to live an independent peaceful lifestyle in my own place. I am not only able to have a quality life writing, gardening and reading, but enjoy ‘God’s own country – Australia’.

Writing for me is a way I can send my message to the world and share my thoughts and ideas to make the world a better place. The main message I wish everyone to take from my poem ‘Pioneer Spirit’ is to build and enjoy the value of a united family.