New ECEI Resources Now Available

Did you know research suggests developmental delay occurs in up to 10% of kids under eight?

Early intervention for a child with a developmental delay or disability in their early years is critical to achieving the best outcomes. Providing quality intervention early in a child’s life reduces the possible need for longer term intervention. The NDIS is committed to giving children with developmental delay the support they need to reach their full potential.

Earlier this year, the NDIS released their Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) approach – the first nationally-consistent approach to supporting children under the age of six with developmental delay or disability. The ECEI Approach is designed to support children with developmental delay or disability and their families achieve better long-term outcomes through support services in their local community. The approach is in line with our focus on individuals – every child and their family will receive the right support to meet their goals and aspirations based on their needs, regardless of diagnosis.

The NDIS has recently released a range of new ECEI resources to help explain how the they can help children with developmental delay or disability. Learn more today, visit the ECEI page of the NDIS website.