Keep well at home – Safe with Home Care Services

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Being safe and supported at home has never been more important than right now.

In these unusual times you should use your home care services to make sure you are well set up, and have everything arranged, to live safely and comfortably in your own home.

We understand the isolation and distancing measures in place can be confronting and restricting. We also know that staying safe from infection is the most important thing right now.

So this page explains what we are doing to help you remain protected from virus transmission and what you should do to get through this challenging period.

What we are doing: Infection Controls

Be assured that we have put Infection Control precautions in place to safeguard you from transmission while our care staff are supporting you in your home. Our Clinical Team are managing all our Infection Control, Hygiene and Safety precautions. Staff have an On-Call Nurse available to guide them with any virus-related questions.

You can be confident that:

1. Staff are not attending your home if they: • have travelled overseas within the last 14 days • have flu-like symptoms • have had contact with someone exposed to the virus

2. All staff are practicing high levels of hand hygiene: • on entering and leaving your home • before & after personal care services • after cleaning

3. Staff are following Department of Health recommendations for use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves, masks and gowns. • If you have concerns, or would like workers to use PPE when in your home, please call us

4. Staff will have no personal contact with you unless you are receiving Personal Care services

What we are doing: New Service Options

In response to the coronavirus pandemic we are creating new ways to support you at home. Our Home Care Services are highly flexible and your individual services should be changed to suit your needs, wishes and concerns. Some of the new ways we are supporting clients at the moment include:

• Check in phone calls, and social support by phone • Doing your shopping, and supporting you to do online shopping • Full house spring clean to make sure your home environment is healthy • Support with technology - stay connected with family through video calls

If you have another idea, why not share it with us. Perhaps someone else would benefit from this as well.

What you should do!

1. This situation could continue for several months so make sure you: • Continue to receive or resume Home Care Services to assist you with supplies, social connection, technology and more • Adjust your services to suit present circumstances • Ask about assistance with tasks you wouldn't normally include in your services • Don't try to manage alone - help is available for you 2. You must advise us immediately by calling 1800 580 580 if you: • have flu-like symptoms • have had contact with someone exposed to the virus • have been tested (or are going to be tested) for COVID-19 By letting us know, we can take extra precautions to help safeguard you, our staff and other clients. 3. Complete the 'Update Contact Details' form so we can quickly contact you if we need to. Alternatively you can call us on 1800 580 580

4. We also recommend you get your flu shot as soon as possible. This will assist your immunity to keep you stronger. If you need help in organising a flu shot, please talk to your Coordinator. 

5. Use this Checklist to ensure Infection Control precautions are used. Your Home Care Worker should:

• Practice hand hygiene when they enter your home • Use PPE as recommended by Health authorities or as agreed with your Coordinator • Practice hand hygiene before and after personal care services • Practice hand hygiene before and after personal contact • Practice hand hygiene after cleaning • Practice hand hygiene when they leave your home • Abide by other agreed measures

Stay in Touch Remember we are in this together, so call us to talk about: • Our Infection Control precautions (what else would make you comfortable) • Your needs at this time (additional services you may need or something you’d like done differently) • How Home Care Services can help during isolation (new services are being developed to respond to the current social distancing requirements and are now available)

If you do need to cancel services with LiveBetter, then we ask that you call us to discuss your situation.

We are always here to help. Speak with our Customer Service Reps or your Coordinator by calling 1800 580 580. 

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