Emu Park Pirate Party

Ahoy there me Hearties!

The Emu Park team decided to have some fun, so we dressed up as pirates! Staff and customers embraced the idea – we had an awesome feast of pirate tucker, including cannon balls and shark bait washed down with some pirate rum and beer.

Some of us watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, while others chose to eat the gold coins (it didn’t take anyone long to realise they were chocolates)! Oh, and who can resist a sword fight?!

Our local Police Officer came along to see what the flag out the front was all about. He was generous with his time and answered many questions including how to use the double roundabout in Rockhampton and what speed scooters can do.

Following lunch, we walked over to the beach and felt the lovely breeze on our faces. A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated and shared their pirate gear for this fun day.

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