Employee Profile: Get to Know Jenni

We caught up with one of LiveBetter’s friendly faces, Jennifer Bruce and asked her some fun questions to help get to know her a little better.

Where were you Born?

“Mooroopna, Victoria.”

Did you enjoy School?

“Mostly – I didn’t appreciate the value of learning until I was older though.”

What was your first job?

“Checkout chick at our local supermarket after school and weekends. I loved it.”

What is your role in LiveBetter’s Aged Care Team? #


What area do you look after?

“Wide Bay, in conjuction with Sharon Walker. Currently we provide services to Bundaberg and nearby townships, however our goal is to expand our services further afield to Woodgate, Hervey Bay, Childers, Gin Gin etc.”

What is your proudest accomplishment?

“My babies - now 18 and 20 and beginning to make their own way in the world …. Not so little anymore but always my babies. Love them to pieces and so so proud!.”

What makes you laugh the most?

“Being in good company; socializing with friends and family. Spontaneous events or conversations tickle my fancy, when you’re not prepared. To laugh so much it hurts or you cry is the best feeling.”

What would you sing at a Karaoke night?

“‘I’m Walking on Sunshine’ by Katrina and the Waves was my last effort. I was into it but I don’t think it was easy on the ears; I wasn’t asked for an encore.”

What is the one thing you will never do again?

“nothing has been that bad in my life that I wouldn’t do it again.”

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

“I’m a born wanderer. I love the outdoors: beaches, mountains, outback. I love cities. I love Australia, Africa, America, Asia, Britain, Europe…. even New Zealand! I love camping, glamping and 5 staring. I love travel. Highlights though would have to be Africa and New York.”

If you had a warning label what would yours say?

“Can be erratic if not fed and watered regularly.“

What is your favourite meal?

“Anything Australian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Middle Eastern, Indian and every other nationality in-between.”

What is your favourite animal?


What radio station do you listen to?

“AM/ABC for golden oldies, talkback and sport and FM to remain current and keep up with the kids.”

What is important to you?

“Family, friends and integrity.”

We would like to thank Jenni for taking some time to answer these questions for us!

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