Customer Profile - Violet Sinclair

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Meet Excelcare client Violet Sinclair from East Bundaberg! Violet has been a client from almost the beginning and loves having Excelcare staff around!


Violet Sinclair, Bundaberg

How long have you been using Excelcare services?

I have been a client almost from the beginning.

Tell us something about yourself?

I lost my home in 2013 floods, refitted the house out and am happy to have returned to a newish home. I am a proud grandma of twin girls who have many state and national lawn bowling titles and are on track to represent Australia.

Excelcare aims to ensure that consumers have access to services that are relevant to their individual needs and their carers. Across a variety of services including aged care, disability, mental health and child safety, we ensure that individuals and/or their advocates and carers have input into decisions about the care and services that they receive.

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