Client Profile - Joan Wood

Picture: Joan Wood and Carer Kym

We caught up with Excelcare client Joan Wood from Yeppoon to ask her a few questions on why she uses Excelcare and what it means to her.

Name: Joan Wood, Yeppoon, VHC/Cooked Chilled Meals

What was life before you started accessing Excelcare Services?

On my own, lost my husband, very lonely, no friends, had nothing but my gardening to keep me busy. Excelcare came along they gave me friends and someone to talk to. Staff make me feel wanted, very important, Kym makes me feel special when she visits, will cook something for me if I am not well. Do not know what I would do without Excelcare services.

What surprised you or made you the most happy about services you receive from Excelcare?

That Excelcare really care about their clients, they treat me like an equal which makes a high difference, and their staff are friendly and will go the extra mile to make a difference in my life.

What would you tell someone that is considering accessing Excelcare services?

Go right ahead, you won't regret going with Excelcare.

Excelcare aims to ensure that consumers have access to services that are relevant to their individual needs and their carers. Across a variety of services including aged care, disability, mental health and child safety, we ensure that individuals and/or their advocates and carers have input into decisions about the care and services that they receive.

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