Brighter Futures program set to shine!

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Disability Action Week
Some of the Brighter Futures crew enjoying the Beach Day Out for Disability Action Week. (L-R Sharon Swift, Katie Donovan and Mark Boyd)

LiveBetter’s ‘Brighter Futures’ is a program targeted at young people living with a disability in the Rockhampton and Capricorn Coast region. It aims to equip individuals with the necessary support and skills to live better and the program is now expanding to offer more places and activites for its participants. 

There are a number of different activities on offer to upskill and empower individuals, and to improve their lifestyle. These include yoga, cooking, bowling, gardening, fishing, sewing and job preparation. These activities are targeted at young adults but all age groups are welcome.

Currently running from Tuesday to Thursday as well as Saturdays, the group is quickly growing with new recruits every week. With hopes of continued growth, the jam packed schedule would spill over into Mondays and Fridays and have the capacity to offer even more activities.

“We’re extremely excited about the potential of Brighter Futures. We’ve already seen the benefits of the program not only on the individuals participating, but also the wider community,” says LiveBetter’s Project Officer, Sharon Swift.

Participants will enjoy a wide range of educational and recreational activities held at our Day Centre on Fitzroy Street and around the Rockhampton region. 

Ms Swift says “For some of our customers, this program is allowing them to take part in things that they wouldn’t normally be able to do. Going bowling, visiting the farmers market and participating in a yoga session are new experiences for a lot of them. 

“We have also started working with other community based organisations so that we can offer more volunteering and social enterprise opportunities, allowing participants to gain real-world work experience and also contribute to their community.”

LiveBetter’s ‘Brighter Futures’ team held an ‘Upcycling Workshop’ at the Beach Day Out today in Emu Park for Disability Action Week. With the day kicking off at 9am, the upcycling workshop was a hands on experience where individuals could repurpose used goods into new creative items.

“The Beach Day Out was such a great success and we had so much fun at our Upcycling Workshop. It’s such an amazing event for individuals living with a disability and for the community in general. Disability awareness is so important and this event ensures everyone is included in the celebrations,” says Ms Swift.

For more information on LiveBetter’s ‘Brighter Futures’ program call 1300 952 273, visit LiveBetter’s website or check out their facebook page at