LiveBetter delivers a range of flexible support services which promote independence while assisting people with a disability to lead their best life possible and achieve their life goals.  We provide a range of programs, both centre-based and community based as well as flexible self-managed options.  

LiveBetter provides a range of disability services through a number of different programs.  We explore all avenues available so it is possible for you to live your best life.  Funding for these services comes from:

  • Disability Services Program Funding;

  • Your Life Your Choice;

  • Qld Community Care; and

  • Various brokerage arrangements.


When you contact LiveBetter, we will assist you to find the most suitable arrangement for your particular circumstances, including referral to other agencies if necessary.  You will find that our Intake Officers are keen to assist you and will help you through the process.


There are many services that LiveBetter provide to help meet your specific needs. Depending on your needs and the available funding, we will endeavour to provide the support you are seeking to make living life the way you choose possible.

  • Community Access;
  • In home Respite;
  • Group activities and outings;
  • Personal care;
  • Social Support;
  • Home and Yard maintenance;
  • Centre Based Respite;
  • Allied Health Services (Occupational Therapy);
  • Brokered support services;
  • Case Management; and
  • Your Life Your Choice (a self directed care model of service).

To access services, please contact our Intake Team on 1800 580 580, call in at one of our offices during office ours or click hereto complete our online enquiry form any time.


LiveBetter fully supports the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to achieve better outcomes for people with disability. Through our work with carers and people with a disability we understand the challenges you face in accessing quality services to help you live a better life.

Through the NDIS, the person with a disability receives individual funding, enabling them to manage how they access support to live their life. This approach brings changes to the way services are provided to Australians living with disability. LiveBetter are fully prepared for the NDIS. We will ensure consumers and carers achieve the best possible outcomes resulting from individualised services that meet the needs of participants under the NDIS.

What does NDIS mean for you?

  • More say in the support and services you receive;
  • Choice regarding how it is delivered and who delivers it to you;
  • Collaboration between you and LiveBetter to establish your needs and goals followed by development of a support plan to meet those needs; and
  • Ongoing monitoring and review of your services to ensure they are meeting your needs.
  • NDIS enables you, with the assistance of your family or carer, to tailor the delivery of your services to meet your individual support needs and allows you to exercise a greater degree of choice in the provision of your services. And if your support needs change, re-assessment can be arranged and services reorganised to meet your changing needs.
For more information or to access services, please contact our Intake Team on 1800 580 580, call in at one of our offices during office ours or click here to complete our online enquiry form any time.

How to Access our Services

For more information or to access services, please contact our Intake Team on 1800 580 580, call in at one of our offices during office hours or click here to complete the online enquiry form and one of our friendly staff will be in contact within 2 working days.

Brighter Futures Program

Brighter Futures is a program targeted at people living with a disability. It aims to equip individuals with the necessary support and skills to live better. All age groups are welcome however most activities are suited to young adults. We currently run this program in Rockhampton and the Capricorn Coast areas. Click here to learn more!

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LiveBetter Community Services is a not-for-profit community service organisation focused on the unique needs of the people of regional Australia. Your donation will help LiveBetter continue to deliver a range of services to those in need. 

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